Who are we?

A Mexican lady (Erika) who recently became Dutch as well & her husband (Barış) who was born in Belgium, raised in the Netherlands and has Turkish roots… Quite logical combination, isn’t it?! Wait, it gets better: they decided to take a break of their routine to travel around the world for almost 8 months.

Why this trip?

Simple… we love to travel, explore, learn, enjoy, meet fellow travelers, share stories, feel free & most importantly because we REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to do this now! There are no guarantees for tomorrow, so why wait any longer?

The purpose of this photo blog

This blog is basically created to tell stories with our images and our interpretation of the countries we visit. We hope you get carried away with our style, our adventures & photos. It’s not only for our family and friends who want to follow us, but also to anyone who is interested.

We are neither employees of Wikipedia nor of Google or National Geographic (yet). We don’t have all the images or answers about all the countries we see. We are just two free souls sharing OUR experiences based on the places we were able to visit. There is not one correct way of traveling and there is definitely no bad one either. Our only aim is to illustrate and emphasize the beauty of the way we see things through our camera.

We will be updating & improving this website whenever we can and/or whenever we have internet. So please feel free to check out our site once in a while, lay back and enjoy our journey with us!



Annelien van Rooyen

Erika and Baris.
It was such a privelege to meet you two. Wishing u all the best on your journey and that u will enjoy every minute of it. I will surely follow you guys on this road trip of yours 🙂

Kevser en Hasan

Lieve Baris en Erika..
Wij wensen jullie beiden fijne feestdagen! Geniet van elkaar en hopelijk zien we elkaar in 2018!
Maak er iets moois van! Love you!!

Dikke knuffel! Xx

Baris Öztürk

Hey Kevser en Hasan! Hartelijk dank nog voor dit bericht en ook de allerbeste wensen voor jullie! Dikke knuffel!

Jos Vergeest

Erica&Baris fantastic photo’s and what great adventure! great website you have made! I look forward to see more. Good luck!

Baris Öztürk

Bedankt voor jouw reactie Jos! Niet altijd even makkelijk om de blog up’to’date te houden, maar deze dagen gaan we er weer aan werken. Groeten aan jouw dames!


This is amazing!! I’m super happy for you guys! That sounds like an incredible idea! Please let me know if you guys show up in Cambodia! :))) Ide be more than happy to show you guys around a bit!!
Josh (that curly Jamaican kid from wilhelmus

Baris Öztürk

Hey my Jamaican friend! Thank you for your comment! Once again, it was a pleasure to meet you in Cambodia! We will update the blog with pictures from Cambodia in these next few days. Big hug to you and your mom from us


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