Moeraki boulders and Oamaru

Visiting both islands of New Zealand within 1 month, means you need to make choices. Most of the people didn´t recommend us to go to the east coast of the south island, but our curiousty took over and we went anyway. It turned out to be a very good decision! 

In between Dunedin and Christchurch, 2 big industrial cities, we stopped at the Moeraki boulders and spent 2 days at a very charming town called Oamaru. 

At the Koekohe beach you can find these huge mudstones. The coastal erosion is the reason we can find these boulders easily, but it is wise to visit during the low tides. 

About a half hour of drive up north from the boulders, you can find the enchanting little town Oamaru.
We had read stories about this place but we were never expecting what we were actually going to be confronted with:
Overwhelming Victorian architecture, science-fiction art and experiencing the visit of the smallest penguins on the planet to our campingsite at night! This place was absolutely a cherry on top of our roadtrip in this gorgeous country. 

So, if anyone tells you it´s not worth to go visit the East coast of the south island, ignore them and just go! 


Steampunk, a museum you should visit if you like modern or Sci-Fi art

A radio station which is still active in Oamaru, functioning as a small museum at the same time

The place really takes you over and brings you back to a Victorian atmosphere!

An originally Dutch bakery in Oamaru

Welcome to sympathetic Oamaru!