Milford Sound – Fiordland National Park

New Zealand, a country divided in the North and South island, has soooo much variety to offer you with its amazing sceneries! One of the  areas which we recommend to visit is the Mildford Sound, down in the southwest of the Southern island.

For us it felt like we were driving on a road, being part of a fairytale. Such a green and remote area! Plenty of tracks to choose from, whether you want to do a short walk or a Great Walk of a few days, it’s all possible. 

The Fiordland National Park is just overwhelming if you’re a lover of nature. And once you reach the Mildfourd Sound and you do a boat tour, don’t be fooled by rainy weather because that’s very promising for the stunnings views and powerful falls you’ll get to see! 

Mesmerizing Falls Creek Valley! A MUST-see place if you head towards or return from Mildford Sound!

Another walk in the woods to reach Lake Gunn



Jucy cruise was affordable and had a hilarious captain, who was an excellent guide as well and made the trip even more worth it

The famous and powerful four sisters waterfalls

Like being part of a dream