After a bus ride of 10 hours from Hpa-An, we arrived at the station in Mandalay. Many taxi drivers are awaiting you here and offering their service for a pretty expensive price. This is a big city just like Yangon, but the prices are much higher. 

We took our taxi and arrived without reservation to the hotel we wanted to stay the night, but unfortunately it was fully booked. That´s the risk you take when you don´t book it in advance. The real surprise though was the attitude of the receptionist. He was so kind! He made some calls to find us a new place, and he even drove us to the hotel we found. Which competitor would do that?! At the end it´s our responsibility.  To our luck, the new hotel was just amazing! Again with very nice people and service. 

As we didn’t have much time in this city, we took a walk but the heat makes you stop once in a while to have a drink or hide from the sun. It is not so difficult to get around in Mandalay. Basically from our hotel, we could easily walk to the main temples and attractions. As we had only two days here, we enjoyed walking around and visiting a few places.


It caught our eyes to see that at the schools the parents are having lunch break with their children

Visiting temples in downtown

Kuthodaw Pagoda

Mandalay hill

Start of climbing this 240 m high Mandalay Hill. If you want to enjoy the view on the very top, you´ll have to go up 1.729 steps. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to go up depending on your fitness.

It was worth the effort and sweat, to see this view!