Inle lake

Whoever skipped the Inle Lake while being in Myanmar, please check the pictures below and regret that you didn´t go there! Bagan is known to be attracting the most tourists in this country, but it´ll be very subjective to say that the Inle Lake is a serious competitor… well, definitely a top 3! We´ve travelled to many places but the Inle lake is one of the greatest natural beauties we´ve ever seen. The laidback boat tour through the lake, visiting the floating villages and gardens, the unique way of life of the local Intha people, it´s all an experience that we can´t describe in words. So whatever message it is that we try to pass to you, I hope we succeed doing that by illustrating the following pictures:

Intha fisherman


During the tour around this lake you get the chance to learn about all sorts of handcrafts 

How silver jewelry is made by a local, wearing the traditional Thanaka on his face

Padaung women

Even though we know that these long neck women are in this area mainly for tourism, it is very nice to get a taste of their traditions and their way of living.

Cheroots (traditional cigars) are also made at this lake


The making of lotus silk 

It all starts with the lotus flower

A very demanding and impressive procedure

Lotus weavers at work

Inle lake market

Great place if you are looking to buy some souvenirs or ingredients