First stop Yangon

Back home while we were planning this journey, we discussed the idea of visiting Myanmar and concluded that it was a must! 

Few weeks before going to this country, we heard the news about the complicated situation that has been going on in this country. We didn’t know how safe it was but we concluded to go anyway. Based on our first days we were going to decide, whether we would stay longer or just continue to another country.

At the end we are extremely happy that we decided to come here, despite what we all see in the media. The first remarkable thing we noticed when we arrived at the airport, is that there was no kind of scam. People are not agressive at all while trying to offer you a taxi ride and the prices are fair, unlike many other places we´ve visited.

Our taxi driver was a polite guy who spoke good english and gave us a warm welcome, pointing out the touristic places on the way to our hotel. Once we arrived at our hotel the sincere kindness of people just confirmed once again our good decision.

Our days in Yangon were interesting since this city has, in my eyes at least, a special charm. The combination of the heat, the noise, the buildings that look so special with all the humidity on their walls, the smiley faces everywhere, people wearing the traditional make up, which is also sun protection btw, the chaotic traffic, the markets and the biggest pagoda of the country, all together makes this city very interesting.

The day we arrived, we realized that there was a futbol match: Kyrgyzstan vs Myanmar! So why not just go and watch it?!

Final score 2-2

Exploring the city and street markets

Shwedagon Paya

One of our last days in Yangon we met another photographer, who was talking about a spectacular festival on the 26th of October in Taunggyi. We got thrilled by it and we changed our program to be able to attend it. That meant that we had a few extra days in the country, so we decided to head south first. Our next destination was going to be Hpa-An…