From Mandalay to Bagan, we had another ´short´bus ride of 9 hours. Bagan is a ´must-visit´place in Myanmar! Despite the damages that the 6.8 magnitude earth quake has brought to the city of temples in August 2016, there are many restorations going on and it is completely worth coming here. 

We rented our e-bike and started to explore. There are about 4,000 stupas in Bagan and it will take forever to see all of them, but just driving around randomly is already worth to make it all the way there. Enjoy it through our eyes!

Colourful handmade puppets from the area


One of the must do things in here is to see the sunrise and sunset from the top of a temple. Due to the earth quake and the renovations, the options to do this are temporarily less than before. However, we learned that there are some temples, which are not so touristy and you get a bit more space to enjoy the view. Otherwise you will be in a crowded spot. Enjoy the sunrise views!

Waking up at 4.30 a.m. to see this beautiful sunrise from the top of the temple. It was not easy, but definitely an unforgettable moment!


Ananda temple

One of the most impressive temples in Bagan, at least the most beautiful from our point of view! Something particular of this place is that it has 4 giant standing Buddhas and each one of them is facing a cardinal direction of East, North, West, South.

It is breathtaking to witness the devotion of people, who visit this sacred place.

No shoes/flip flops allowed in temples, as a consequence you may walk on fire!