Our days in North and Central Mongolia Pt 2

Our next destination was the thermal waters. It felt good to stay there because it gave us access to a hot shower!

Every km that you get further into the country side you get amazed with the beauty of this wonderful and interesting country.

Our route continued towards Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur also known as the Great white lake. It is located in a volcanic area and very impressive!

Soon the landscape will change

We could not enjoy the view from the volcano since it started to rain hard and snow

The view from our ger

During the night we were extremely cold, next morning we discovered the reason

Fresh yak milk for tea


Our last stop in this part of the trip was in the north, at the lake of Khövsgöl. Since it was the end of the high season, it seemed that the enitre area was just ours.

The morning we left the lake it was snowing again and it was our time to sleep in the city of Mörön. The morning after we were joining a group to start our journey towards the west of Mongolia, the city of Ölgii for the eagle festival.